Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tuesday Top Ten: Friend Dates

For my fellow Canadian's out there, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Weekend!

As I have mentioned many, many times before, Fall is my favourite time of year for many reasons. You aren't constantly sweating from the sun, you aren't constantly shivering from the cold and it's one of the best times of the year to go on dates of every kind. My favourite is Friend Dates (sorry Mike). Let's just say he isn't the most festive person when it comes to pumpkin patches or getting a seasonal latte, but my ladies are.

This week's list is my top ten Friend Dates for Fall:

1. Coffee Dates

This is a number one for me. The new seasonal drinks come out and the treats and goodies, YUM. Now, I gota say, I am NOT a pumpkin spice latte fan. I don't like pumpkin really but a good salted caramel or a rich hazelnut gets me every time. The nice thing of going for coffee is that it's relaxing and a great way to catch up with a friend you haven't see for awhile as well.

2. Pumpkin Patch

The best festive activity of the Fall! I love picking out the perfect pumpkin, chatting with your friend and putting on your cute boots to get through the mud.  Pumpkin patches usually have great snacks and extra activities as well - petting zoos are my favourite!

3. Public Skating

There might not be ice outside yet, but there is ice in the arena's! Look for adult skates where the music is fun and the laughs are endless. Just make sure not too laugh too hard if your friend ends up on her butt ;-)

4. Walk

The crisp air, the red leaves and the lack of screaming children in the park is the best parts of autumn walks. There are less people out on the trails, the air to cool enough to put on your favourite jacket and scarf. No worries of getting to hot or having a random child ice cream dropped on you as they run across the park in the summer (that kid wasted that ice cream!)

5. Window Shopping

So maybe I can't afford a whole new wardrobe every season, heck I can'r even afford a new outfit but doesn't mean that I can't look. Grab your bestie and leave your credit card at home while you see what's on display at your favourite stores! Just remember, wait til the end of season sales... or Black Friday!

6. Home Mani & Pedi's

Going to a salon is always fun but being at home, watching trashy TV and having your friend around while the two of you try (and maybe fail) the latest pinterest trends... that's what nail polish remover is for right? My favourite nail colour right now is Greycian Goddess by Loreal plus I love me a good pun. Want to try a challenge? Have some wine while you makeover your nails, just try not to smudge them while doing so. #guilty

7. Movie Night

Popcorn, blankets, mixed cocktails and something sappy with some gorgeous actor. I mean no one will overlook the mass amounts of popcorn you shove in your face like your best friend. Just make sure to have lots of extra kernels on hand... and probably tissues , I'll just take the box.

8. Local Brewery

Where I live, there are tons of micro breweries and local beer companies and the best part of the changing seasons is a new seasonal brew on tap. There are usually tours and cheap food available at your local breweries so look them up and take your girlfriend out.

9. Museum/ Art Gallery Visits

Museums and Art Galleries are another place that usually have a seasonal change of exhibits so go see whats showing at your local museum and hunt out some coupons. Nothing like two grown adults giggling and trying to keep quiet in an art gallery when you don't really understand the exhibit.

10. Baking Dates

Not only do you get to have quality time with your friend but you end up with something delicious! Now I am not a good baker, everything always ends up a little burned or not quite cooked enough so I really suggest that, if you are like me, you recruit a friend who is really good at it... for me, that would be my friend, KP. That girl can cook! Make something seasonal, my favourite at this time is a spiced apple flavour and I can't wait for eggnog to be back in stores!

I hope these give you all some ideas for some girl time this season and getting outdoors!

stay clumsy
xx jamie

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