Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Luxe Box: Summer 2014

As a Canadian who frequent American beauty blogs quite often, I see birch boxes show up now and then and I didn't know how to get my hands on one of this adorable boxes. Well turns out that Birch Box is not available in Canada! Yes, I could do some cross border delivery and do it that way but I knew their had to be an easier way. Enter: Luxe Box! I found a website called and what they have are called Lux Boxes – they are a quarterly delivery so every few months I get the most adorable little packaging in the mail.

Look how cute this arrives! I love the symbol too J

The thing I like about Luxe Boxes is that all the gifts come in this little bag that I use all the time – this is my third box so I have three of these and I use it for everything! For shoes in my suitcases to hair products so they don’t get too messy as well as I place to put dirty clothes while travelling.

When I opened up the June Box I discovered there was an extra special addition to the box! There were three samples of whitening packs and who doesn't want white teeth during the summer – all the red sangria isn't going to help but might as well get a help start, amiright ;)

So now, here is the breakdown of what I got:

Coconut Kiss Macadamia Oil Hand Cream by Barefoot Venus
This stuff smells amazing- I for one love the smell of sun screen lotions that have that coconut scent so when I put this hand lotion on at my desk in the office, it takes me off to the beach.
Toxic Tangerine' Nail Lacquer by Teeez
So I love the Teeez brand although the only products I have gotten a chance to try have come from my Luxe Boxes. I love their packaging and the nail colours go on nicely and have good pigment so only 1 – 2 coats is needed. I can’t handle this Toxic Tangerine Colour! I love it, it’s so summer and you know I will be rockin’ it on my toes for the next few months. The only downfall of Teeez cosmetics? I CAN’T FIND THEM IN / DELIVERED TO CANADA! If any of you have any ideas where I can get a hold of more Teeez products let me know!

Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in “Black” by Eyeko
This eyeliner is so silky. I don’t usually go for felt tipped eye liners however; this one may have converted me. It’s very pigmented and gives the straightest of lines so I’m excited about this one. My friend Kelly mentioned always to store felt tipped eyeliners with the tip down in order to maintain its lifespan – I never thought about it but it definitely makes sense!

Angled Tweezers by Loose Button
Every girl needs some good tweezers, especially for those sunny days. Stray hairs = not cute

Introductory Collection by Eslor
I am excited to try out this introductory collection. I like the fact that they are made with the use of no toxic chemicals and are paraben free but I will keep you updated on the results! Especially since my skin seems to be confused and thinks I’m 14 years old all over again.
Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani
 This scent is fairly nice, it’s a bit too musky for me but I also think the 7 dollar sprays at Victoria Secret count as perfumes so I don’t know how far my opinion goes with this one. I will definitely save this for a date night to make me smell nice.
K-PAK RevitaLuxe by Joico
I haven’t had a chance to use this yet however my friend had only good things to say about the
 K-Pak line. Since I recently received an ombre on my hair, my poor ends could use some special treatment!

So that’s this season’s Luxe Box and although I’m very happy will all of the products, I’m sad that I need to wait another 3 months for my next one!

stay clumsy
xx Jamie

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