Friday, 27 June 2014

Summer Goals 2014

This summer will be the first summer in 2 years that I will actually be home for all of it! Last year I was working up in north for a month (loved it) and the year before I spent 6 weeks in Africa! I am a little worried that I will miss being away for that long again but now the whole "being a grown up" and "having a real job" is kicking my butt and has me grounded.  Not to say that I won't have a good summer! I already have 2 weekend trips planned, one to visit my sister on Vancouver Island and one to head to Seattle with Mike for our anniversary. I haven't skimped on the longer trips too, my friend Kelly and I have planned to go to her family's cabin on Hornby Island as well as hike the Westcoast Trail at the end of August. This summer will be a blast and hopefully have some good weather for everyone!

me and kelly, see goal 5!!

my sister and I on our last road trip to the island!

Since Summer for me is really just beginning I have decided to create some summer goals after coming across this post from Cupcakes & Cashmere

Some of these will be super simple and some of them may be a bit more difficult!

1. Go to the Cloverdale Flea Market

2. Run a 5k

3. Finish reading at least 2 books! I am thinking:
      Is Everyone Hanging out without Me? (and Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling
     & MaddAddam By Margaret Atwood (if you haven't read Oryx & Crake it's a must!)

4. Bike along the Seawall

5. Take more pictures (especially having good photos with friends that aren't selfies!)

6. Explore a part of BC that I haven't experienced before Went to Cortez Island and Campbell River!

7. Go for a hike at least once a week

8. Master my Oma's Pea Soup

9. Have a clothing swap with friends

10. Get Harvey (my doggie) to finally swim!

I think these goals are pretty attainable! I will cross them off as they get complete!

What about you guys? What are some goals that you have for the summer or any suggestions of what I should add to mine?

stay clumsy
xx Jamie

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