Friday, 22 August 2014

High Five for Friday!

You know that feeling where you are extremely excited and extremely nervous at the same time? This is the feeling I am currently having about leaving for my trip. Kelly and I went shopping the other day for a few last things we needed: a tarp, bug spray, cooking fuel etc… however we managed to get side tracked, putting on ridiculous hats (LED lights in the brim people) and didn't get what we needed at all. I think it’s one part denial of it being so soon and one part that we can go anywhere and get anything done. Did I mention that we did end up leaving Costco with 4 pounds of Nutella? We know what is important in life, clearly. I have had a pretty lack lustre week of just prepping and not getting anything on my To Do list complete so here we go, some highlights from my week:

1.       I bought baseball tickets for the minor league team in Vancouver and they were tickets for any game of the year so I went with my parents, drove all the way there and the game turned out to be sold out! Oh well, there is a beautiful park across the street so we went for a nice walk and enjoyed the fresh air!

2.       I have been YouTube obsessed over Nicole Guerriero – I find myself telling Mike I’m going to bed at 9 and then end up watching her tutorials or haul videos until 11 at night. One day I will have watched them all and that will be a very sad day my friends.

3.       This week was all about the make-up - my boss gave me a really nice set of make-up! and then I decided that I needed a new brush from Sephora and spent way too much but I couldn't be happier! I bought the Urban Decay Naked Foundation (it goes on amazingly), I got the Pore-fessional Primer from Benefit, the actual foundation brush I needed from Sephora #58 and a really nice nude lippy from the Sephora line.

4.       Dinner with my friend, KP! She seems to be making it in these lists quite a lot but we had dinner on the weekend together and it was so nice to enjoy good food and lots of laughs!

5.       Lastly, the best thing about my week? Probably having my best friend back in town! I say it as if she lives in a far off distance place, not true, she is too cool for school and lives down town however, she’s doing some housesitting so we are back to carpooling to work together, really bad singing and being overloaded with Starbucks which is always good in my books, amirite?

Well this weekend is going to be a busy one! Mike and I will be going to the PNE which will be full of junk food, petting zoos and fun! So I'm excited and then it will be off to go on my trip! It’s a little nerve-racking having to pack a backpack full of things you’ll need for a week including food and equipment and making sure you don’t forget anything. I am the worst packer to begin with so this should be great.
I won’t be posting for about 2 weeks but hope you all have a great end of summer and see you soon!

stay clumsy
xx jamie 

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