Friday, 12 September 2014

High Five for Friday(s?)

Hi guys! I'm still here I promise!! :)

If you have been on this blog before, then you know that I just did the Westcoast Trail on Vancouver Island with my bestie and it was the first real vacation I took in over 2 years not including little weekend trips here and there. What's a vacation without a 75km hike and blisters? I was happy to be away and then I have been in recovery mode since, coming home from 6 days of hiking made me feel like I was walking like a baby giraffe! Even more clumsy than usual (if that is even possible) but now I am back and getting projects prepared for you and spending way too much at Target and Michael's on craft supplies rather than the latest fall fashions but hey, isn't that they way it should be?

Since I have been gone a couple weeks, I thought I would give you some highlights of not only this week, but since I have been gone!

1. We started the trip out in the best way possible. If there is anyone from Vancouver/BC out there and if you have taken a ferry to Vancouver Island, you know that missing the ferry is the worst possible thing. Well we missed it...or so we thought! We were three cars back when they stopped the line and I was so disappointed when all of a sudden one of the ferry workers points us out of the line and puts us on the ferry! The advantages of your friend owning a Yaris! You wouldn't believe the excitement in the car over getting on the ferry but hey, it's the small things that count right?

As you can tell, I was excited!! We needed to inform everyone we knew :-)

2. Finishing the trail was the best feeling in the world, I will have a post next week about the whole experience but it was awesome to say the least. Here is a tired looking picture of me at the very end (yay!)

3. Just as soon as I came back, Mike had to go out of town for work but it was fine since we had a nice date night before he left!

4. I was happy to go back to work because it is so nice having a routine in place and get back into rhythm! Plus, all the air conditioning in my tower help!

5. I found out this morning that Mike's brother and wife just had their second child and it's a baby girl! I will get to meet her soon and it's all just so exciting! :-)

Well that's all for now but thanks for checking in!

stay clumsy
xx jamie

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