Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tuesday Top Ten!

The boyfriend is out of town working this week which means for me; having a big glass of wine, lighting lots of candles and listening (and unsuccessfully singing) non-stop to Broadway soundtracks every night. It also gave me a chance to scour the internet of "some of my favourite things" (see, the Sound of Music is always relevant!) and I thought that I would share my top ten!

If you know me, it doesn't take long to realize I am undoubtedly in love with Lauren Conrad. She is my style inspiration, showed me that cat eyes aren't that hard to do and if I could rock that blonde hair - I would in a second. She got married this weekend and I was more excited to hear that than people I actually know getting married. Anytime she's in the news, it will always be a favourite of mine, but that's not why this is number one. Paper crown is making bridesmaid dresses!! Look at these beauty’s! Heck, I would probably get married in any one of these. I love the neutral tones and the cut and shape of them.

The ladies at A Beautiful Mess know how to use DIY right but one of my favourite projects of theirs has got to be this Washer and DryerMakeover! Such a simple idea and it totally changes the whole look of a laundry room. Consider it on my to do list!

I am obsessed with this coloured hair trend and I am obsessed with Orange is the New Black. Haas anyone seen Dasha Polcano’s new hair? I absolutely love it – the bluey silver with a lavender ombre. It’s beautiful, now if only I can think of how to make it office appropriate…

Target. Can that be a favourite all on it’s own? Last Friday night, Mike and I went out for dinner and I asked if afterwards we could go to target and he said that’s not a date night thing and we did something else instead…BUT THEN… I saw this picture of Iggy Azalea and her boyfriend out for their anniversary and look where they went… I think I have an idea for our next date night!

I am someone who gets scared very easily and I mean, someone hides behind a corner, jumps out and says boo and that will bring me to tears. I cry when I get scared and not in a “I just lost my dog” sort of way, more like “there’s tears running down my face and I don’t know why” sort of crying. Well let’s just say this list from Buzzfeed was dead on about what it’s like in my world.

Halloween costumes, make-up tutorials and all that are in between will be filling our feeds on every type of social media pretty soon if they haven’t already. My favourite person to watch for these amazing tutorials and costumes has to be Kandee Johnson hands down, if you haven't seen one of her Halloween videos...get on that! 


Starbucks has gotten my name right a few times however it usually comes out Janine, Jimmy, Janice and so on, and this video had me laughing out loud. If you haven’t seen it yet, it has been one of my favourites this week. My sister and I went to Starbucks once and as her name is Elle, she told them her name and on the cup was a few awkward crossed out blobs and then just a large letter L. I understand where they came from but it made us crack up and we still talk about it.

There is no doubt that Mandy from Vintage Revivals is the queen of all things DIY but her last project takes the cake. I have seen a few projects on Pinterest about making over old trailers and campers but with her style, “the Nugget” is going to look amazing!


Surprise Sales. The best thing ever. I was just telling my friend how I wanted a staple bag for the fall that was really big, and can hold everything but also something I can splurge on. Considering my wallet is a $7 zip pouch from target and my purse is basically non-existent, I wanted to treat myself. Well, I splurge wasn’t necessary! While perusing Instagram on my lunch break, Kate Spade’s Instagram account had given a website for a secret sale and their deals were amazing! I got a brand new bag that’s nice and big without the big price tag! It was $200 dollars off, the bag was only $150 dollars! A bit of a splurge but this bag is my new baby! I am all for sales but this deal takes the cake for the next while. The sale continues until midnight on September 18th (Pacific Time!)

My last favourite for right now is the new COLORsensationalMaybelline Lipsticks in The Buffs. I have already gotten 5 of the colour since I started with one and I just keep picking more up every time I go to Target! I’ve got the shades: Espresso Exposed, Untainted Spice (my fave!), Truffle Tease and Sin-a-mon - in that order below. I use them on their own but I also build them on top of my other lip colours to tone down the colour and make them more nude. Officially Obsessed!

 enjoy the rest of your week!

stay clumsy
xx jamie

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