Thursday, 18 September 2014

Passport Stamp Picture

I love travelling and although there aren't too many places I have seen, I will travel whenever I possibly can. A few months ago, it came to the point that my passport expired and I didn't want to just throw it away. It had all of the stamps from where I had travelled and to me, was like a souvenir all to itself. So then, I had this old passport lying around with nothing to do and I thought I would give it a bit of life and show off these little reminders of where I had been and who I had been with.

This was a super simple project and it didn't take me long. An hour or two at the coffee table watching TV and was done in no time. All you need is your old passport (or whatever you will be using), paper, glitter, liquid glue, a pencil, scissors and a frame. I had all of this stuff lying around at home so it’s also a super cheap project as well!

First thing I did was cut out all of the stamps in my expired passport – there were some pages that backed on to others so I just chose which side was better and cut those ones out. Also if stamps over lapped, I just cut them out together because I liked the way they look.

Next, is where your handwriting skills are tested. I am not great at cursive so I roughly spelled out the word and then went back and fixed it up as much as I possibly could to make it look all right. Then, cover that sucker with glue. After one failed attempt, I figured out that a small steady stream a couple times works better than a heavy stream since the lines got really thick and then spread out so the letters lost all of the shape.

Now the fun part, cover the letters in glitter! I put all the glitter on and then I let it lay flat on the table, excess and all, to dry for an hour or so just to give the glue a bit of time to harden. After, I shook all the excess back into the glitter container, touched up a few letters and it looked great!

Now, bring back your stamps and lay them out the way you want them positioned. I splayed them out in a way that it would look in a passport and really like the bold colour behind them to help them stand out. I didn't totally glue them down since (hopefully) I will have more stamps by the time my next passport expires that I could add on! All I did was put a dollop of glue on a spare piece of paper, and then dip my pencil eraser in the glue and stamp the glue to the back of each stamp. So they will stay in place but they aren't there forever.

I let the glue dry overnight since I was putting it in a frame, I didn't want the glass to flatten the letters and the next morning it was ready to go and I hung it on the wall. I am so happy with how it turned out!

Let me know what you think and if you would do this with your passport as well!

stay clumsy
xx jamie

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