Thursday, 25 September 2014

Luxe Box: Fall 2014

It's that time again! The Fall 2014 Luxe Box arrived on my door step a couple days ago and it's always that feeling of excitement when you see something waiting for you! This is my forth Luxe Box however, it was the first time that I had upgraded my box. I decided to get the Get Up & Glow limited edition for $5 dollars more. 

The Get Up & Glow Box is great, because I upgraded my box, I was able to see all the products I was getting before hand which was nice but in a way, ruined the surprise of it all. I love getting a Luxe Box and ripping it open as fast as I can to see what is inside because it feels like Christmas but this time, there wasn't as much excitement because I already new what was coming.

AG Hair - High & Dry: AG's High & Dry is a versatile, high-grip, spray that infuses hair with natural lift and a matte textured finish.
This hair spray is great, I have been putting it in my purse and taking it with me for a freshen up throughout the day. I like that it gives me a matte texture, it doesn't add any shine or gloss which I really don't need and helps mask hair that might be getting a little greasy (always).

Sweet Leaf Bath Co. - Blush Body Wash: Blush Body Wash is handcrafted with a luxurious & nutrient rich blend of Coconut, Olive, Jojoba and Hempseed oils.
This stuff smells amazing! It has a very watery consistency which isn't a bad thing but since I don't use a loofa or anything like that, it is hard to have a lot of product in your hand. What I do like about it though is that it lathers so well! I am not fond of body washes that don't lather, I feel like nothing gets clean until I see some bubbles at work!

So Susan - Concealer Quad: A compact of 4 concealer shades that cover dark spots, blemishes and minor imperfections. The texture blends seamlessly into the skin to create a flawless complexion.
This concealer quad is great, right now I have just been using it with my fingers but I will be getting a new brush soon to use with it. I have been using it to define my nose a little more so the range of shades is great for me. They are all very warm shades which work well for my skin. 

Amarte - Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum: Rich in natural herbs and intensive moisturizing ingredients, this deeply hydrating formula optimizes skin's ability to absorb and retain moisture.
These Amarte samples are great - I am not the best when it comes to remembering to put on moisturizers however, this serum just feels so good on my skin and in a few short days, I can already feel that my skin feels softer.

Amarte - Aqua Cream: Functional organic ingredients control skin's oil-moisture balance and increase softness.
This Aqua Cream is my new favourite; I am already looking to get a full size of this. Putting it on, it doesn't make your face sticky or oily, it absorbs right away and feels so nice. I have very oily skin and I feel like my skin is a bit more balanced, if that is the placebo effect or not - it doesn't matter to me, so I haven't had to powder throughout the day as much as I used to and my skin is looking much clearer and fine lines (read: wrinkles) are looking less noticeable - hooray!

Burt's Bees - Lip Gloss in "Autumn Haze": Rich pearlized colour combines with natural oils rich in nutrients to leave your lips soft, shiny and 100% naturally beautiful.
I haven't always been a big lip gloss person, mainly because my hair acts as a magnet to it and then I just look like a crazy person however, this Burt's Bees is pretty good in my books. Not alot of product comes out on the wand at a time which is nice because it just gives your lips that dewy look rather than the I just ate a glazed donut look. I have been putting it over my deep red lipsticks with a bit of gold shimmery eye shadow in the middle of my bottom lip to give a bit more dimension. 

Loose Button - Blush Brush: This brush is designed with an angled shape and innovative bristle composition to apply blush gently and effortlessly around the contours and hollows of cheeks for a natural-look.
This brush is nice but since I have a blush brush I am in love with, I haven't used this much. Nothing wrong with it but a girl can only have so many blush brushes right?

Thanks for stopping by and hope you liked this seasons Luxe Box, 
do you subscribe to any boxes that you recommend?  Let me know!

stay clumsy
xx jamie

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