Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Campbell River Trip: Sisters

My sister Elle and I weren't always the best of friends, there were the days when we were younger and she would cheat at monopoly and as the younger sister I never knew any better. Then there were the days that I outgrew her, at the ripe old age of 10, I was taller than my 14 year old sister and the power that came with that: I would pin her down until she had to call for mom and dad; on the days that she thought wrestling would be fun, she would never win and then best part of all: no more hand-me-downs!

After we grew up a bit, we grew closer and closer, it was less about being sisters and more about enjoying each others company and being friends. She lived 10 minutes away and it was great! Then, she got an amazing job in Campbell River, so that meant she was moving away.

Unfortunately, I was a bad sister and it took me a few months to get my butt over there and see her place finally! 

As you've seen before, this is my sister and Maddox. Within 5 minutes he can be the biggest pain in the ass and then the most loveable dog after.

I am always so amazed by how pretty the island is

There was a chainsaw carving competition a few weeks before so they had all the entries on display

This was Elk Falls by the John Hart Dam, I love penstocks (the water pipes) so I had to take a picture!

It was a beautiful spot to hike and even though it was raining a bit, we didn't mind at all

This was desert for after the Pita Pizzas were made! We made a fire and enjoyed some s'mores! But of course we needed to make cinnamon rolls as well! Can you tell we like our sweets? 

and of course on the way back to the ferry we had to stop at Coombs!
Goats on the Roof!

I wanted to take all of these lampshades home! 

 These lights were so cute and super affordable! I am definitely going to get one or two next time I'm there! There figurines were so cute as well, they would be perfect for a cottage or somewhere beachy

These tiles are to die for! I didn't get any this time and I still am thinking about it, I have to figure out a good DIY for these and make something!
There cars were so cute - they had so much detail and are so colourful

I had an awesome time on the island with my sister! I missed her! My friend Kelly and I will be going there for a night in a couple weeks on our way to Kelly's cabin so I'm sure I'll have more Maddox pictures!

stay clumsy
xo Jamie

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