Sunday, 13 July 2014

Pita Pizza

My sister moved away to Campbell River in January which from me is a long ferry ride and an hour drive on either side. She used to live about 10 minutes away so it's quite the change. I got the chance to go visit her this passed weekend and there is two things that usually happen when I go to my sisters.

First thing is that this little guy manages to turn everything I own to a blonde sweater. I can't wear black tights around Maddox unless I know there is a lint brush somewhere nearby. 

The second this is great food. My sister is an amazing cook, she can make any thing to an amazing brisket to
quick appetizer's in no time flat. My favourite dish she makes: Pita Pizza's. 

All you need for Pita Pizza's:
Pizza Sauce
Cheese (Shredded mozzarella)
Pizza Pepperoni
Genzoa Saussage
Banana Peppers

These are the ingredients and while we were cooking, Elle prepared a snack for us!

Look how good that looks! and I don't even like tomatoes!

We decided to saute some onions and mushrooms to top our pizza.  We added was a bit a coconut oil and pepper and it turned out great.  

Here is the finished product! I always like to put the sauce, then meat + peppers, then cheese and finish off with the sauteed veggies!

It's one of my favourite so I hope you all give it a try!

I am going to post more about my trip to Campbell River tomorrow but isn't Maddox a cutie?
(and my sister is aright too)

stay clumsy
xx Jamie

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