Friday, 25 July 2014

High Five for Friday

Holy Smokes! Has it already been a week since I did the last Friday post? Clearly I have been mighty busy and didn't even get any projects done this week! I have a few in the works now so next week will be a week full of fun stuff!

For now, here is what I have been up to this week!

1. I got these beautiful flowers from Mike for our anniversary and they are still alive! Plants and I don't tend to get along too well :( We may have had a few casualties on some succulents a few weeks ago... I know, I know, succulents are the easiest to take care of! 

2. I bought new hiking boots! I have been wearing them around the house like a nut job since I need to break them in. My friend, Kelly and I will be doing the West Coast Trail at the end of the summer!

3. I loved this Buzzfeed list of shirts that all 20 somethings need
I was laughing at all of them, my favourites are:
For the grammar stickler. For the one stuck in a rut.

4. As mentioned before, I went to visit my sister in Campbell River. We had tons of fun and lots of sissy bonding but she had made this photo her BBM profile picture this week and I think it just represents us so well. She is posing to look her best and I am just in the background being goofy and trying to make her laugh

5. Lastly, the nicest thing of this whole week is that Mike is working at a job site only a few blocks from my work which means I have a carpool buddy. He is NOT a morning person so I don't even talk to him until he had eaten something so you know what that means? Car selfies :P

 What are your plans for the weekend? I am going to go to a huge Asian Night Market tonight so hopefully I will find some great, cheap stuff!

stay clumsy 
xo Jamie

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