Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Clumsy Life and a Vase Make Over

I have always been a clumsy, awkward person. I have at least 3 moments every day that show off these attributes. Let’s take yesterday for example: I was having a good day – drank tea without getting any on my white shirt, didn't have anything stuck in my teeth all day, and managed not to trip or fall over anything. Fast forward to the end of my workday – I had met someone for coffee around three so I had been sipping on an iced americano for the last hour or so and still wasn't halfway finished. My hands were getting a little shaky since I'm not used to caffeine that strong (can you see some foreshadowing happening?). Well, I had packed up everything for the day and was about 2 minutes away from leaving, one of my co-workers waved good bye and just as I go to wave… Iced Americano was dumped all over my desk, wireless keyboard (which I got about a week before), telephone and computer monitors. I now have iced cubes and black coffee all over my desk, I quickly reach for my Kleenex box and of course, there is only 2 left so then I scramble to the bathroom to get paper towel hoping that my co-workers don’t see the mess I just made and quickly try to clean it up. Let’s just say my white shirt wasn't so white any more and my keyboard no longer works ( I guess it was never meant to be). Thinking that I was done being clumsy for the day, I come home and start tidying up – well I break 2 glasses in the process (still don’t even know how I managed that) and then was sweeping up the glass with one hand and trying to keep Harvey away with the other hand since he thought that the broken glass is something he wants to play with. Finally, when I was done with all of that I went outside to start spray painting a project I am working on (should be done next week) and let’s just say I stepped in a little present the dogs left for me on the front lawn. A day in the life guys – aren't you happy it’s not you jealous?

So, after the circus that was my afternoon, I decided that I needed to just sit still and work on something. 

I found an old vase in the garage that looked like it had seen some brighter days. Since I had some left over paint, I decided to spruce it up a little. I washed it first and then wiped the outside down with alcohol so that there would be a nice clean surface for the paint.

I used three colours, black, grey, and silver and applied it with a sponge.

I started out with black and then grey and finally finished off with the silver.

It changes the look of the vase and I like how you can no longer see the stems of the
 flowers since that is a pet peeve of mine.

The dark colours contrast nicely with the bright orange 
and it doesn't look like a sad, old vase any more.

stay clumsy
xo Jamie

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  1. Instantly thought wedding centrepiece when I saw this! Love it!