Monday, 28 July 2014

My Happy Place

I am a hiker - I don't enjoy running and I am not in love with the gym (it's more of a platonic relationship really), however, if you have a forest with trails in it, count me in. I have lived in the same place for most of my life and luckily enough for me, there are great hiking trails around every corner. One in particular is the High Knoll (claim to fame – it was the location for Jacob’s House from the movie Twilight, meaning there were many prepubescent hormones around at that time). We have family pictures from when I was no older than five on that trail. I've done the hike with friends, dates, family but I love it the most when I'm alone. When I take the dogs and get into the forest - it seems like all the small stuff just melts away and the stress just drains out of your system (sure - panic ensues when Harvey starts chasing the birds and falls into the water, but other than that it's great :P ).

I think it is really important for people to have a place like this. Somewhere that they can share but enjoy alone just as much. A place for thought, for relaxation or for nothing in particular. Especially as I get a bit older and things in my life are changing very quickly, even in ways I don't want them to - I find having a place of my own like a type of therapy. I didn't realize that this is what the High Knoll was to me until a few weeks ago.

I went for a hike to the high knoll Sunday morning and the sun was warm and the skies clear. It gave me time to think about my To Do list for the week, my goals for the future and just life altogether. Don't get me wrong, I love Instagram, Facebook and social media just as much as the next person but once in awhile it is nice to stop looking into other people's lives and really look into your own. Of course, after I did the hike, I got ice cream and scrolled through all the updates on my phone - but having that hour and a half to just pause, was definitely needed.

Plus with a view like this why wouldn't you want to get to the top:

I know this isn't a DIY or a post like that however, just wanted to share! I have a couple projects that are going to be posted this week and I'm pretty excited about them - hope you all had a great weekend!

stay clumsy
xo Jamie

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