Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Gourmet Popcorn

My friend Kelly and I are popcorn fiends. We eat it as much as possible and there has been far more than one occasion where I find myself having to remember to take a breath while I eat it - as my boyfriend says "you're not a pretty eater". Well the other day I was getting Kelly to help me think of blog posts and she had the amazing idea of trying actual popcorn recipes (because usually we are fine with loads of butter and garlic powder).  We looked around on the internet and found a couple recipes that seemed interesting (and easy enough) to do.

Inspiration for Popcorn Found:
Cookies n Creme
Margarita Popcorn
Buffalo Smokehouse

These are all the ingredients we used (minus the chipotle hotsauce: however we did dip our extra popcorn in it - clearly, we have no discipline). 

First up Margarita Popcorn. There were alot of recipes online that used actual tequila for this but the thought of that just reminds me of a bad trip to Mexico. Needless to say, I passed by the tequila and used some good old butter instead. The recipe I found for this didn't say to use any butter however we had a hard time making the lime and chili flakes get distributed evenly. 
Here is what we used:
3 cups of popped popcorn (give or take)
3 table spoons of butter
1 lime -zested (we used every last part of that skin)
Chili flakes (in retrospect, use chili powder but still delicious none the less)
Cillantro - few sprigs
Salt - we used course sea salt because delish!

now just make a real margaritas to go with and you're set!
Add 2-3 tablespoons of melted butter to your popcorn and then shake your lime zest, chili flakes and salt in with the popcorn making sure it is distributed evenly. We did this by using the amount in the picture, dumping it into a bigger bowl and putting a plate on top and you guessed it: shook it like a polaroid picture. After it is all mixed together and the butter has soaked into the popcorn so it isn't overly wet anymore, add cilantro on top. We added the cilantro last since we didn't want it getting all gunky on certain pieces of popcorn from the melted butter.

Next on the list is Buffalo Smokehouse Popcorn! Now I love everything with a side of hotsauce so why didn't I think of ever adding it to my popcorn? Hotscause + Popcorn is a gamechanger for me!

We decided to go an extra mile on this one and we added crushed BBQ chips to this as well. The chips are a favourite of mine from the states so I always make sure to buy a bag when I'm down there. I was near the end of the bag so we decided to add it on it and it gave a whole new texture in the popcorn that was great!

Here is what we used:
3 cups of Popcorn
Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Hawaiian Luau BBQ Chips
Smokehouse BBQ Powder

We took equal parts of butter and hot sauce and mixed it up in a different bowl (we used 2 tablespoons of each). Then we drizzled the hotsauce mixture over the lot and used my technique from before to mix it up. Then we added about a quarter cup of crushed kettle chips and added about a tea spoon of the BBQ Powder. I've gota say, this is my new go to popcorn for movie nights all.

The last type of popcorn we made was Cookies n' Creme Popcorn and no joke, this is probably my favourite sweet at the moment and it was really easy to make!

We had our doubts when we were about to start this one, I was afraid that it was going to be one of those fails you see from pinterest inspired recipes. But it was the exact opposite and the good news: you don't use the whole box of Oreos so then you have some left over to snack on... I mean... we didn't do that at all. Plus the good thing about this recipe is that no butter is needed since the gooey centres of the Oreo's are sticky enough. 

No butter means it's healthy....right?

Here is what we used:
3 cups of Popcorn
10 Oreos 
1/2 cup of White Chocolate Chipits

First we put the Oreos into a thick Zip-Lock bag and crushed them into submission with the end of a spatula (you would probably want to use a meat tenderizer but hey, we improvised). Then we melted the Chip-It's in the microwave at 30 second spurts in order for them not to burn, mixed and then you have creamy white chocolate! Next, take the Oreo's and mix them in with the Popcorn (using the great mixing technique from above) and then slowly pour the melted chocolate on while mixing at the same time. We only used half of the chocolate for this part, you'll need some left over for the next step. Lastly, layout the popcorn on some wax paper and spread it out and slowly drizzle the rest of the white chocolate on the popcorn and leave it to dry.

It's great to have different types of Popcorn at parties this summer for a light snack (cheap too!)

We put our popcorn in these cute bags and ribbon with labels for each one. I got Kelly to write them since I have the writing for a forth-grader!

Hope you all enjoyed this (we sure did) and make some yourselves!

stay clumsy
xx Jamie

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