Friday, 18 July 2014

High Five for Friday!

Hey Everyone,

This weekend couldn't have come soon enough!
I had a great week and these are the highlights:

1. Mike and I went to Seattle last weekend and went to see the Mariner's beat the A's! 
We had such close seats and it was Mike's first time gong to an MLB game

2. The weather in Vancouver has been BEAUTIFUL! Hot, but so bright and sunny that I have worn my all time favourite shoes to dinner this week. They are 5 inches tall and I know one day I will probably break one of my ankles, but hey, at least I'll look good doing it! 

 3. Because the weather has been so nice, I have been able to ride my motorcycle to work everyday and that also means cheap gas for me too! I love riding to and from work on my motorbike because you get lots of fresh air and actually enjoy the commute! 

4. It was my little nephews birthday and he turned three! His mom made an awesome monster truck brownie cake (yum!) and I got to get creative with wrapping his present into a paper Sushi Roll!

5. Lastly, it's Mike and my anniversary today! Three years have blown by so fast and I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else! We are just as goofy (as you can see below) as we were when we first started dating. I think the plans for tonight include dinner and wine!

Hope all of you have a great weekend!

stay clumsy
xo Jamie

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